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Responsible for making collection calls and taking relevant collection actions on Debtors who are overdue on payments on their school fees accounts by following predefined processes and procedures.

  • Collect outstanding debts from debtors and achieve collection target.
  • Handle and manage several arrear accounts to achieve optimal successful collection results.
  • Conduct professional collection calls and consultations within legislative frameworks and procedures.
  • Conduct pre-action account analysis and ensure correct action is followed.
  • Ensure successful outcome, payments received, on all collection actions.
  • Negotiate payments, deadlines, and payment plans. (Secure debicheck payment)
  • Handle customers' questions or complaints
  • Update account collection actions and notes on relevant systems
  • Confirm and update debtor information on the system D6 and Swordfish
  • Alert management of problem debtors or debtors failing to pay.
  • Comply with requirements when legal action is unavoidable.
  • Focus to reduce high risk debtors continuously.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality of school and of customer information.
  • Adhere to all legal compliances, including but not limited to debt collection practices, PAIA and POPIA.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures.

Closing date: 04 August 2023
Email CV to be emailed to: headofoperations@tkla.co.za

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Maintenance (Cleaning)

  • Ensure daily tasks are being performed as required, all facilities and classrooms are cleaned adequately.
  • Complete checklist and signed.
  • Ensure supplies availability at the facilities (toilet paper, cleaning material, refreshments etc.)
  • Report any potential risks or issues to management.
  • Perform ad hoc responsibilities when and if required.
  • Lock up of certain locations with full accountability of the keys.
  • Any problems to be escalated, following reporting structure. (No interaction or arguments with learners, teachers, or fellow employees), follow protocol.

Closing date: 02 August 2023
Email CV to be emailed to: headofoperations@tkla.co.za

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