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Tersia King Learning Academy Primary prepares students to be responsible, globally-minded, compassionate, and reflective learners. Our rigorous academic programme creates space and time for critical reflection on basic questions about what is good, fair and just. We teach to the heart as well as the mind.

Preparatory Principal

Mrs Rachelle Bezuidenhout

Message from the Primary School Principal

""Education Enlightens" equates "Education is the Pathway to Success" and nowhere is it more evident than in Tersia King Learning Academy Primary School’s overall performance.

Our core value of “Preparing Learners for Life” is beautifully illustrated by our average pass rate of 94%, participation in International Maths Competitions and the South African Quintathlon, our Lego team’s legendary participation in overseas robotics challenges, both our choirs winning several trophies and our in-house credo of “SHINE TKLA SHINE”.

Our holistic approach in which excellent teachers, willing learners and co–operative parents are enthusiastic participants, focuses on integrity and honesty and endeavors to imprint these values on the minds and lives of our learners.

Computer centres Lego Robotics Programme Cami Maths

Welcome to Tersia King Learning Academy
Primary School

At TKLA Primary we aspire to challenge and support our learners to strive for personal excellence by setting goals early on in life and then teaching them to pursue these goals successfully.

Our team of dedicated and wel-qualified teachers believe in laying a proper foundation through an ethos of discipline and commitment before our learners move on to high school and further education.

TKLA Preparatory Best school

We offer several Enrichment Programmes as part of our curriculum

affordable learning school
Robotics programme
independent preparatory computer lab
technology development

Our curriculum

  • STEM – our Lego/Robotics programmeis part of the subject Technology and develops critical thinking processes and installs self-discipline.
  • Cami Maths – our computerised Mathematics programmehelps learners to grasp Maths concepts, thus avoiding learning gaps.
  • Stimulus Maksima – our individualised reading programmeassists with comprehension, spelling and fluency.
  • Our Junior and a Senior Choirs, which are both over 100 learners strong, have won four National trophies between them in the past three years.
  • At the Lethabo Festival (Kempton Park Eisteddfod) we participate in different categories. Several prestige and gold certificates adorn our walls.

Throughout the year soccer and netball is played at school and will be offered as an extramural activity in the afternoons.

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