Dear Parent / Guardian

RE: Term Test for Term 1

Please take notice that the following regulations will apply during the Term Test:

  1. Grade 7 to 12 learners will have a term test from 8:00 – 9:00, thereafter they will have normal school.
  2. Learners that do not write a Term Test on a particular day must still report to school in time for quad assembly.
  3. Learners must make suitable transport arrangements to be at school by no later than 7:45 for normal quad opening. Problems with transport will not be accepted as an excuse for late coming.
  4. It the event of being absent from a Term Test, only an original valid doctor’s note will be accepted otherwise the learner will receive a zero for that exam.
  5. No alternative arrangements can be made if absent or any other reason.
  6. All school rules still apply and learners should come in full school uniform.
  7. All dishonesty will be dealt with in a serious manner.
  8. Attached the Program of Assessment for Term 1. All assessments tasks indicated in this program will be marked and will be taken in consideration for Term 1 report mark!

Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.

Yours in education.

Mr D.J. Venter