Dear parent/guardian,

Welcome back to Tersia King Learning Academy! We hope that you enjoyed a safe and restful holiday season. At TKLA we offer a unique and robust learning community with the rich academic and co-curricular opportunities of a comprehensive high school intertwined with the personal connections and community support of our Small Learning Communities. Our expert staff at TKLA works tirelessly to build and sustain our school community that promotes personal connections, inquiry, agile minds, and determination. This is achieved through innovative instructional practices and programming that is student-centred, project based, relevant to student experiences, and applicable in the real world setting.

I look forward to the new school term, full of hope and promise and that each and every child will be a successful and productive member of the TKLA family. But we as educators and staff will need your help and partnership as parents to make this happen. Children benefit greatly when parents/guardians take an active role in their children’s’ education. It has been proved that when students have parental support at home, they enjoy their learning and school life even more. Students’ attitude and perception of school improve as they develop more self-confidence on their road to becoming life-long learners and solid contributors to our community.

  1. STAFF

I am sad to say that Mrs I. Erasmus, HOD Afrikaans FAL left us to emigrate to Canada. However, we are very fortunate to welcome back Mrs N. Pottas, who taught Afrikaans up to 2015 at TKLA, who will be leading the Afrikaans Department form this term. Because of work pressure, Mrs S. Carriere will also move entirely to the Afrikaans Department and Mrs P. Mahlangu will replace her in Social Science. Since many learner battle with Afrikaans, we will introduce an Afrikaans computer aided program, similar to that of English for all the Gr 7,8 and 9 learners. There will be changes in Gr 10 Physical Science as well as Gr 10 Life Science. Because of all the above changes, it is necessary to rebuild the timetable. The new timetable will be implemented from Monday 8 April 2019. Congratulations to Miss C. Smith who got married during the holiday. Her surname changed to Mrs Boshoff.


The progress reports for the first term will be issued not later than Friday 5 April 2019. This report is a reflection of all the formal assessment tasks prescribed by the Department of Basic Education, the CAPS policy, subject advisers as well as myself. At TKLA we take academics seriously and I am thrilled to report to you, dear parent, that each educator, in each subject, is on schedule according to the year programme and subject curriculum. I am very proud of both the staff and the learners for all their hard work during the term, to ensure the school’s success. The School Base Support Team will conduct interviews with all Gr 12 learners and their parents who are at risk at failing the end of the year. All parents of learners who are possible failures in 2019 will receive a written notice with the report to inform them of their child’s poor academic performance. Please be aware that because of all the public holidays and long weekend (19 April to 1 May 2019), the academic program is under severe pressure. To be able to stay within the given timeframes to complete the syllabus in time, your child will receive more homework, assessment tasks than usual and will write more than one test per day. Please check your child’s homework and books on a regular basis and support them where applicable. Take note that the assessment for the second term will include examinations in all subjects and grades. These exam papers will be set by officials of the Gauteng Education Department.

New, and in addition to the academic report, is an individualised disciplinary report for learners that have an accumulated a mark above 50 de-merits. This report reflects your child’s transgressions and behaviour for the first term only. In cases of serious misbehaviour, the disciplinary process and possible sanctions will follow and some learners have already received their first written warning. Their re-applications for 2020 may also be affected.


As per information given to all Gr 12 parents during the meeting held on Saturday 19 January 2019, the extra afternoon classes in all subjects and Saturday classes for selected subjects have already started on Saturday 6 April and will also start on Monday 8 April 2019 respectively. The attendance of these classes are compulsory and the aim of these classes are to assist individual learners with problems and to complete the set curriculum as soon as possible to have enough time for proper revision and exam coaching.

We have implemented an afternoon intervention program for Gr 7 to Gr 11 selected learners in the 1st term. This program will continue in the 2nd term for all learners who fail their respective subject in the 1st term. These learners will soon receive an official timetable and information letter to inform parents about the logistics.


Please take note our quarterly Parents Morning will take place on Saturday 13 April 2019, between the hours of 9:00 -12.00 in the school hall.  Attendance during this Parent Morning is compulsory for parents of learners who are underperforming at present and who are possible failures.  This parents’ morning is seen as an occasion for parent and educator to interact and communicate regarding the learner’s progress. Please take note that there will be no general parents meeting in the hall and I have extended the contact time with one hour as well to minimise waiting for teachers. All teachers will be available in the school hall. Please come early and bring your child with you to be part of the dialogue between you and the teachers. I will also be available on the stage for any parent to interact with me on any item of concern or only to come and greet me.  


We already entered four football teams (u/14; 15; 17 and 19) in the local Ekurhuleni league. All the teams are playing on the same day at the same venue. You have already received a parent letter which included the league games. Games are usually plaid on Wednesdays. We will continue with netball as a formal sport for girls this year and the practices have already started in the 1st term. We have entered five age groups in a formal league. There matches will be plaid during May.  We established a volleyball court behind the hall and training has already started. A boys and girls team have been entered in the school league. I have compiled a Code of Conduct for all the sport codes which will be given to all participants to be signed. The will regulate the general behaviour on and off the sport fields. The High School choir did very well last year and therefore we have entered them in the same competition as that of the primary school. The competition will take place May 2019 at Emperors Palace. Under the leadership of Mrs Masemola and Mr Mudadigwa, chess will also be acknowledged as an official sport. We manage to get a provincial outside coach to assist and develop the players. Please motive your child to participate in his/her field of interest.

Lastly, congratulations to the LEGO TEAM who managed to get 3rd place during the SA Championship at the end of last year. Four of the team members are in the high school. The team is invited to the World Championships in Lebanon during June. We wish them best of luck and will are sure they will keep TKLA’s name high!


TKLA is purely a Private Secondary school and receive limited financial aid from the government. The yearly school fees amount differs according to grade. The school policy stipulates that school fees are paid in advance for the month ahead and should be paid on or before the 7th of each month.

Although we have card facilities in the admin office available, we would prefer that you pay it directly into the school’s bank account.

Banking information

Account Name:                                   Tersia King Learning Academy

Bank:                                                   ABSA
Account Type:                                     Savings Account

Branch Code:                                      630542

Account Number:                                01257130441

Please send either a fax or an email of confirmation of payment, along with your child’s name, surname, class or reference no to the following:

Fax:                                                     086 516 4051



Please take note that we will use the newly updated D6 Connect, SMS or emails to inform parents on a daily basis of activities that take place. Tests and the term program of each school will also be available as soon as it is finalised. New technology makes it possible that you can use this APP interactively to get ALL your child’s information without coming to the school. Further advantages of this APP are:

  1. It keeps users informed and up–to-date with TKLA’s activities.
  2. Provides relevant up-to-date information, such as TKLA’s contact persons, news and resources.
  3. Allows users to:
  • Respond directly to queries from organisation
  • Update your personal information
  • Send general enquiries to TKLA’s admin office and receive feedback on these enquiries.

Please download the APP and register. Since I have also a busy schedule and therefore not always in my office to take a phone call, you are welcome to send an email to: on any matter. I will reply within 24 hours.

Since winter will be upon us, ever one get flue or related illnesses. If your child is really sick, rather take him/her to the doctor, get medicine and keep them at home until they are well again. If your child full sick at school, we must call you to collect them. In many instances there is no answer. In the event that you would like to collect your child early from school, give them a written note for my attention and approval to speed up the process.


To create a sense of unity among all the learners of TKLA, and the fact that winter is upon us, we would like to encourage all parents to procure the correct winter uniform. This uniform is only available at the official suppliers. No learner will be allowed to wear any other colour or style of uniform. It also came to our attention that some of the boys are wearing the incorrect “stove pipe” trousers. That is trousers which they tapered to such an extent that they hardly can get their feet through. I would like to emphasise that only adjustments to the length of the garment will be allowed. I issued all parents last year a copy of the school rules. If uncertain, please call me to clarify.

Date Day Activity
2/4/2019 Tuesday Schools re-open

Submission of all marks

5/4/2019 Friday Academic & Demerit reports to parents

Submission of Gr 12 SBA’s to district

6/4/2019 Saturday Gr 12 Saturday classes start
8/4/2019 Monday Gr 12 extra classes start
13/4/2019 Saturday PARENTS MEETING @ 09.00 IN HALL
19/4/2019 Friday Public Holiday
22/4/2019 Monday Public Holiday
1/5/2019 Wednesday Workers day


As our school is a learning community that seeks success for each student, we strive to deepen our core values of excellence, honesty and trust, fairness and respect, teamwork and diversity. I acknowledge that each parent plays a vital role in the success of these values. Thank you for your input, continued faith in my staff and me, and your unconditional support.

Your partner in education,

Mr. D.J Venter (Principal)