Dear Parent / Guardian

RE: Regulations during June Examination:

Please take notice that the following regulations will apply during the June Examinations:

  1. Grade 10 to 12 start their official examination on 20 May 2019 and the Grade 7-9 on 27 May 2019. Grade 7-9 will write their English and Afrikaans Paper 3’s during school hours on the 20th and 21st of May.
  2. Grade 7 to 12 learners will be allowed to stay at home on the days they are not writing a subject, given that the parent gave their consent.
  3. The condition, however, is that the learner’s parents/guardian must agree to take responsibility for their security and see to it that they study whilst remaining at home.
  4. Learners must make suitable transport arrangements to be at school by no later than 7:45 for normal quad opening. Problems with transport will not be accepted as an excuse for late coming.
  5. Learners may go home at the end of the Examination session.
  6. In the event of being absent from an exam, only a valid original doctor’s note will be accepted, otherwise the learner will receive a zero for that exam.
  7. All school and uniform rules still apply and learners should come in full school uniform.
  8. All dishonesty will be dealt with in a serious manner.

Kind Regards

    Mr D.J. Venter